Welcome to my Comic-Blog. My name is Martin, well, actually it’s Milton but only bill collectors call me that so if you phone my house and ask for Milton, I’ll tell you he’s not there. Anyway, I’ve decided, along with my friend Mike, to create a comic strip based on my experiences as an elementary school teacher. It all started when I began posting these 420 word mini stories on Facebook. The posts became somewhat popular so as a result the idea progressed to the form in which you see it now. I’d like to thank those friends who were there from the very beginning, their feedback and encouragement is greatly appreciated and if you’re new to all this? Well, pull up a chair and enjoy. It’s all true, I swear.


6 Responses to About

  1. Raquel Vgn says:

    I love it! Thanks Martin…

  2. jai says:

    love love love this man

  3. Julie Duran says:

    Very funny , but can’t figure out which is alex. I will ask her today. Love it : )

  4. aracelis says:

    Hey Marin. Nice job – Your site is very funny – Aracelis

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