Sage Advice.

Sage Advice.

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Just in time for Halloween.


Mikes been on a zombie kick the last few weeks and I, for one, am not complaining.


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We are Back!

Hi everyone. It’s been a long and crazy summer but we are back! Tell your friends!

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Taking a summer break and ordering shoes from WW2 Impressions.

Hi everyone. As you’ve noticed we are taking a short summer break. We hope to be back in production after I get back from Tokyo (Mid August). However, if enough people comment perhaps we could be enticed to put out a special summer strip. So let us know!

I’m a bit excited (haven’t you noticed?) because I’ll be ordering a pair of Marine Boondockers from WW2 Impressions. I’ve done my research and pretty much across the board these guys are supposed to be the best. Here’s a link to the shoes : I’m hoping they restock their roughouts soon as well since they would be a nice addition to my collection. Anyway, if you are a collector, re-enactor, or like me, you just like wearing the stuff because it’s cool. Then check them out: OH, and their items are made in USA!

I can be reached at for further commentary on WW2 Militaria or 1940’s clothing…

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Is After in the Past?

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High 5ive!

This is why I no longer high five…

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A Better Place.

Sometimes it’s just too easy…

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